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So, this is the Teisco I picked up at work the other day. It had some issues so they wouldn’t take it in, but I was able to buy it off of the guy for $30. I figured if it was beyond repair, it would be a cool wall piece. Well after cleaning it and going over it in depth, it is salvageable, but it does need some love. It needs some electronics work, a slight neck adjustment, a new volume pot and a new tuning bushing, which is very minor considering the last owner let it sit in a storage unit for 4 years. This one will be awesome when it’s finished! #Teisco #VintageGuitars #Hollowbodys #JapaneseGuitars #VintageTeisco #bizarreguitar

I know I’ve already posted it, but this Teisco is simply too cool. Jaguar style pickup switches? Check. Classic Teisco floral pickguard? Check. Gretsch-style roller bridge? Check. Topping it all off is an art-deco style Checkmate badge. As if that wasn’t enough, the guitar also plays great and sounds incredible. #Teisco #Checkmate #Et200 #VintageGuitars #JapaneseGuitars #TeiscoGuitars

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